A Travel

Travel, what appears in your mind the first time you heard this word? Going somewhere serene? or going somewhere where there is fun and entertainment? Are you the person found in the inside or the outside? By this I mean, an enlightened person and the worldly person.

I admit the first time I heard this word I thought of going somewhere fun and entertainment. I was the the outside or the worldly person (as I may call it). I haven’t found the true meaning of Travel yet, I still see it as a destination where it would create a memory to my life. I see it all in a literal way. That’s me, a very literal person.

Until  have made a decision in my life, after I have fought for this choice, and after I have faced the journey itself, I realized that I have slowly made a little travel towards enlightenment. I have traveled towards the place that gradually and sometime unconsciously changed my life. I wouldn’t brag on this because it would only tell me negative feed backs, but I have to express what I have felt right now, what I have experienced together with my new-found friends; they are nothing but extraordinary people that would do anything to pull you up and not the other way around. So blessed with these people, so blessed with their desire to share, care and dare just for my sake.

I may have taken them for granted in the first meeting, but I told my self that this travel will not be the same as my old travels without knowing where to go. This is the first time that I know where I stand in the society and to myself. I felt important and special in this place and I intend to stay here for a longer time. Though I still have to go to Batanes and live there.

This is the journey that will create a big impact to myself and to the society. This is the one that I will carry with me and present to my family, that what I have chosen has done a great job in my life. This is the change that the society needs, the change that everyone seeks; a travel that has a destination.


MSU-IIT – Can I give you my gratitude?

Who says that when it comes to education you need to follow the stereotyped- right age just to go to school? Am I right with my words here? Anyway, I’m 26 years old now; I’ll be turning 27 this coming February 5th but it never came to my mind that going back to school is difficult for me. Of course the adjustment had to be gradual because all my classmates are teenagers –  freshly graduated from high school. And I have to live in another city which has lots of adversary. But what can I do the state university is cheap and it has good standards, so I have to deal with the issues professionally:P

Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute Technology is a well known university in the Philippines and if you happen to drop by in my blog you can search the standing of my school to Asia’s best universities. The number will not be the basis of how great the school is; and that’s for me to say ;P

I have been in this school for 2 semesters now. The first semester happens to be a success for me because I have fulfilled one of my dreams for the first time.  The university allows us to go outside of our realm and discover what we truly want. Ooops let’s go back one line there – it’s not the university that gave me the opportunity to achieve my dreams. It just so happens that I studied there. 😛 it is I which made those choices.

Anyhow, I still have to admit that if not for this University I wouldn’t be able to do the things I wanted. If not for this University I wouldn’t have to realize how stupid am I before by not choosing this institution. If not for the University I wouldn’t met the people who opened my eyes to see the real situation outside the four corners of the classroom. If not for this University my life would still be the same. So, I would give my gratitude to this  State University  that I ignore once, which blesses me with opportunities that would change my life.

Despite the age, I am still happy being back at school, I love learning that’s why I’m back. I want to discover more of my self that’s why I stepped out in our town and explore other cities. I want to be me, that’s why I have to chose the place which accepts the real me. I want to become successful in my field that’s why I now choose this University.



A Dramatic Change, So I Say!

I haven’t written anything since my schedule at school got clunked up, though there were busy days and chaotic life in there my mind was still at my blog; I was thinking, how’s it in there? did someone view in my blog already?would my schedule in the real world affect my skill in writing? Those questions just pop-up in my mind.


There are lot’s of things I wanted to share here, the things that I consider are life changing events. They are the people whom I met at school that I will surely treasure in my life, there were activities that completed the other half of me, there was a time that I have to face the crowd at smile at them, there were days that I have to deal with issues and for it – even if I have to make the opposite look good or bad – and there were moments that I need to decide something for myself.


All the things that happened during the first semester of school was totally different from the person I was before. It was all first time, and I would proudly say that I have achieved the dreams that what I thought was only illusions and blurry images in my mind. I felt satisfied with that achievement, I felt whole and worthy.


Changing location for me was something I thought I would never survived, but here I am almost out in the cocoon. I always wanted to be a butterfly because of its lively colors, it flies freely from one flower to another and spreading the pollens to the earth. A changed in the environment made me become a changed person, it may not be a big change but my cocoon is slowly breaking.


With all these overwhelming changes in my life, the craving for writing still hasn’t changed.

A New Life

This is just a short story of what happened to my life after our prayer meeting. I’m not a religious person but I am proud to be a daughter of God, and I am a believer of Jesus Christ.

A search

I have been searching for peace in my heart, I have been searching for happiness because I’m not satisfied with this short pleasures, I’m not contented with all these desires. I want to discover my new self.

During these times I felt so heavy, as if I wanted something or someone that would help me lift all these troubles inside. God have seen all these struggles all these discomforts because He sent someone.

Because I constantly tell my friend that I want a new place that will make me feel refreshed and that I also have asked it to the Lord, I have found the answer the right place for me. In God’s place I am alive, In God’s love I have life and in God’s hands I am saved.

God is good, all the time. Yes, He showed me the right track once again and I hope that I will continue being like this. I will continue searching for happiness and share this to everyone.