And, they call her Jo!

Life is never unfair!

She’s a child that needs love,, but she was denied. She’s a girl that asked for attention but she was neglected. She’s a woman that had had loved but she was cheated. I think life for her is unfair, but she said it’s never unfair!

The idea of this perception from a woman who fought life like an endless battle is to tell us that whatever life throw upon us, we should never give up trying.

Being with her every time she talks about her life, makes me want to protect her even more. She’s a good friend of mine though we’ve known each other for only a few months but I can tell she’s a real person. She expresses her thought honestly, she reveals part of her sad and happy life. She’s not afraid to tell everyone who she really is. She would even shout it out loud to so everyone could hear.

I like her for that, she taught me how to be brave, how to stand on my own feet and on how to work hard in my studies. She inspires me, which¬† made me said when she said she’s uninspired. It’s so ironic to hear when a person inspires others but he/she can’t even find a good motivation for themselves. I just hope that the flame she showed me when she talks about her survival from pain and sufferings would flame up and motivate her. Losing out of hope at this point of time is critical.

I know she will regain her poise of fighting back the problems. Life is never unfair as she said. Life is full of possibilities, we only need to look closely for it. Bring back the fire in you and be a light to all of us!