A Dramatic Change, So I Say!

I haven’t written anything since my schedule at school got clunked up, though there were busy days and chaotic life in there my mind was still at my blog; I was thinking, how’s it in there? did someone view in my blog already?would my schedule in the real world affect my skill in writing? Those questions just pop-up in my mind.


There are lot’s of things I wanted to share here, the things that I consider are life changing events. They are the people whom I met at school that I will surely treasure in my life, there were activities that completed the other half of me, there was a time that I have to face the crowd at smile at them, there were days that I have to deal with issues and for it – even if I have to make the opposite look good or bad – and there were moments that I need to decide something for myself.


All the things that happened during the first semester of school was totally different from the person I was before. It was all first time, and I would proudly say that I have achieved the dreams that what I thought was only illusions and blurry images in my mind. I felt satisfied with that achievement, I felt whole and worthy.


Changing location for me was something I thought I would never survived, but here I am almost out in the cocoon. I always wanted to be a butterfly because of its lively colors, it flies freely from one flower to another and spreading the pollens to the earth. A changed in the environment made me become a changed person, it may not be a big change but my cocoon is slowly breaking.


With all these overwhelming changes in my life, the craving for writing still hasn’t changed.