A New Life

This is just a short story of what happened to my life after our prayer meeting. I’m not a religious person but I am proud to be a daughter of God, and I am a believer of Jesus Christ.

A search

I have been searching for peace in my heart, I have been searching for happiness because I’m not satisfied with this short pleasures, I’m not contented with all these desires. I want to discover my new self.

During these times I felt so heavy, as if I wanted something or someone that would help me lift all these troubles inside. God have seen all these struggles all these discomforts because He sent someone.

Because I constantly tell my friend that I want a new place that will make me feel refreshed and that I also have asked it to the Lord, I have found the answer the right place for me. In God’s place I am alive, In God’s love I have life and in God’s hands I am saved.

God is good, all the time. Yes, He showed me the right track once again and I hope that I will continue being like this. I will continue searching for happiness and share this to everyone.


A quick view on my mind

I was just making a quick peek of what’s inside this brain of mine. I’m visioning something twisted in there and it’s so complicated to look at it. There are overworked areas and there are those with spider webs, whoah! looks like I need to use that part more often. As I continue on my journey in my brain, I saw memories stored,emotions ready to be released soon and ideas waiting to be recovered.

I like that, ideas in my brain waiting to be recovered I never thought I have that in my mind. Just what are these ideas? Hmm, drawing cartoons, building super big eye-like tower, make shoes that hovers, and what’s this? looking for Santa Claus in North Pole? wow, are these my ideas? or my dream lists? Whatever it is I like it and I want to do something about it.

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