Are you deaf?

I have listened to the voices of the deprived, I have seen them suffered and I have seen them died because of misery. Yet I have not done anything to lend a hand for them. Farmers, laborers, professionals and small entrepreneurs all these individuals belong to a society ruled by the greediness of the few. They built a nation full of hopeless dreams; they made every single brown-blood worked like a carabao on industries owned by foreign bloods. What do our fellow Filipinos get from its promises? Nothing. They exploited everything, from the deepest minerals of the earth up to the peak of the tallest tree in the forest; they will consume it without much ado.

I have asked myself, why do our government allow such misery for its people? Can’t it hear the cries of the oppressed natives in the mountains? I wonder if they ever listened to them at all. They accept investments, they build industries, they build roads, they supply the big companies’ needs but they never did it for the people living in those affected areas; as if those people never exist in there, in fact the natives whom the real owners of the land were the ones being sent away; being rubbed of lands by the government just to give way to the foreign insects.

In the beginning, the government never intended to help the poor, they were there to save their souls, to keep their businesses, to keep the lands that were not theirs, to keep on making laws that are beneficial to them, and they keep on inviting investors so they too can gain from it. All these are just for them and nothing for the poor. Though they can get jobs from the industries they put up, they paid the workers too but at the end of the day, one could still say that the workers have been deprived of their basic rights.

When can this end? When can people understand and see the real face of the government? How long will they allow the government to blind their eyes, illuminating the false image of developing country?  The Philippines is rich with resources it can provide the food of every Filipino in the table. But where are these resources went? Where are the ideal 3 meals a day for every individual? It all went all over the world, they made high-end products but they let the Filipinos get the “class c” resources.

Calling for change is a big step for us. Calling for the officials to help us would be a risk for us. Some people on the Left’s wanted change; people on the right will do any dirty jobs just to be on top. If the officials will continue oppressing the basic rights of the Filipinos, what will happen to them? I know the government knows the answer of this, they know everything that they twisted immoral things into righteousness.

Now is the time to open our eyes, and see who the real culprits are. Let us not allow anymore that they will mute us from our grievances. Know your rights. I have known mine, so I write this.


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