A Travel

Travel, what appears in your mind the first time you heard this word? Going somewhere serene? or going somewhere where there is fun and entertainment? Are you the person found in the inside or the outside? By this I mean, an enlightened person and the worldly person.

I admit the first time I heard this word I thought of going somewhere fun and entertainment. I was the the outside or the worldly person (as I may call it). I haven’t found the true meaning of Travel yet, I still see it as a destination where it would create a memory to my life. I see it all in a literal way. That’s me, a very literal person.

Until  have made a decision in my life, after I have fought for this choice, and after I have faced the journey itself, I realized that I have slowly made a little travel towards enlightenment. I have traveled towards the place that gradually and sometime unconsciously changed my life. I wouldn’t brag on this because it would only tell me negative feed backs, but I have to express what I have felt right now, what I have experienced together with my new-found friends; they are nothing but extraordinary people that would do anything to pull you up and not the other way around. So blessed with these people, so blessed with their desire to share, care and dare just for my sake.

I may have taken them for granted in the first meeting, but I told my self that this travel will not be the same as my old travels without knowing where to go. This is the first time that I know where I stand in the society and to myself. I felt important and special in this place and I intend to stay here for a longer time. Though I still have to go to Batanes and live there.

This is the journey that will create a big impact to myself and to the society. This is the one that I will carry with me and present to my family, that what I have chosen has done a great job in my life. This is the change that the society needs, the change that everyone seeks; a travel that has a destination.


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