Mothers, aren’t they the most wonderful people on earth?


I don’t want to be boring here talking about sentimental things about mothers but I guess I have to give them the credit of being  superheroes in real life.


Now, let us see what makes them a Super-Mom:



Giver – well, we all know that they gave us life even when we get old they still provide us everything just to live.

Friend – Yes, that’s right, they are your most loyal and faithful friend. Whatever you do they are always there to listen, scold you, advice, guide and everything. Oh, let’s not forget they are our first playmate. Sometimes they could also be your enemy, if you don’t follow their rules!

Teacher – Aaah, Baah, Maah, alright those were the words they usually say and we imitate them! aren’t they good teachers? hehe. Our first teacher tries so hard that even though they dislike mathematics they still taught us the basic addition and subtraction.

Maid – now, now, let’s all admit that they are our maid in the house; they clean the house, wash our clothes, cook our meals and Oh my God, they are also our carpenter from fixing the chair up to making a cabinet – well, I saw that once from a  neighbor mom 🙂

Mom and Dad in one body(?) – Single parents are like this, or whose husbands are working far away from home that sometimes are not coming back, oops! anyways mom’s managed to divide their roles both as a mother and a father. They would always say that they are the most flexible people on earth because what a man can do they’ll do it much better! ( I’m a pro Mom here! )

I don’t want to be an emotional jerk here, but I think I’m going to cry now T_T I haven’t been a good daughter to my mom, I tried to be one though.  It’s never too late to say Happy Mother’s Day because it should be everyday always.





A Dramatic Change, So I Say!

I haven’t written anything since my schedule at school got clunked up, though there were busy days and chaotic life in there my mind was still at my blog; I was thinking, how’s it in there? did someone view in my blog already?would my schedule in the real world affect my skill in writing? Those questions just pop-up in my mind.


There are lot’s of things I wanted to share here, the things that I consider are life changing events. They are the people whom I met at school that I will surely treasure in my life, there were activities that completed the other half of me, there was a time that I have to face the crowd at smile at them, there were days that I have to deal with issues and for it – even if I have to make the opposite look good or bad – and there were moments that I need to decide something for myself.


All the things that happened during the first semester of school was totally different from the person I was before. It was all first time, and I would proudly say that I have achieved the dreams that what I thought was only illusions and blurry images in my mind. I felt satisfied with that achievement, I felt whole and worthy.


Changing location for me was something I thought I would never survived, but here I am almost out in the cocoon. I always wanted to be a butterfly because of its lively colors, it flies freely from one flower to another and spreading the pollens to the earth. A changed in the environment made me become a changed person, it may not be a big change but my cocoon is slowly breaking.


With all these overwhelming changes in my life, the craving for writing still hasn’t changed.