A New Life

This is just a short story of what happened to my life after our prayer meeting. I’m not a religious person but I am proud to be a daughter of God, and I am a believer of Jesus Christ.

A search

I have been searching for peace in my heart, I have been searching for happiness because I’m not satisfied with this short pleasures, I’m not contented with all these desires. I want to discover my new self.

During these times I felt so heavy, as if I wanted something or someone that would help me lift all these troubles inside. God have seen all these struggles all these discomforts because He sent someone.

Because I constantly tell my friend that I want a new place that will make me feel refreshed and that I also have asked it to the Lord, I have found the answer the right place for me. In God’s place I am alive, In God’s love I have life and in God’s hands I am saved.

God is good, all the time. Yes, He showed me the right track once again and I hope that I will continue being like this. I will continue searching for happiness and share this to everyone.